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Mikunikikai Ltd


Mikunikikai Ltd

3-7-9 Niitaka Yodogawa-ku

532 Osaka




+81 6 394 0672


+81 6 394 4896




Years of technology and know-how cultivated with water purification and dialysis have led us to all areas of water resource and waste water treatment, from ultra pure water preparation for semiconductor manufacture to radioactive waste treatment. We have our hands in a wide range of fields including food stuffs, medicine, chemicals and precision machinery.
Research and data have been applied to developing highly reliable products that are second to none. In the future, these and more will be applied to meeting customer demands across a broader range of fields and proposing the best water treatment technology for their needs.
Professional equipment design, high precision manufacturing and tie-ups with many membrane manufacturers and engineering companies have helped us to deliver products around the world and gain a high degree of customer satisfaction.
Mikunikikai develops and produces turbidity meters for measuring in the low concentration range, such as the high performance particle monitor, MILPA. We have proven useful in measuring all sorts of fluids and, especially in the water purification field, we have produced results far beyond what other manufacturers have done.
In the future, we will aggressively move forward alongside economic development with strong interest in the growing awareness of environmental problems.

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